Grammar and Vocabulary

In this section, you will find short lessons on different elements of grammar and vocabulary. We have also taken it a step ahead and modified the courses in accordance with the requirements of the IELTS and PTE-academic tests. Check out our free Grammar for IELTS blog.

ielts grammar topic -finite verbs and infinitives

IELTS Grammar Topic -Finite Verbs and Infinitives

Finite Verbs and Infinitives In this lesson, I am going to discuss an Important IELTS Grammar topic – Finite Verbs and Infinitives. This lesson will be aptly useful for ESL learners from South Asia, especially India. We will start with defining a Verb and move onto the main topic – Finite Verbs. We will master …

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IELTS Speaking Topics - Jan to Apr, 2021A list of IELTS speaking part 1, part 2 and part 3 questions, as a pdf.

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