Is it a pant or pants... a scissor or scissors? image

Is it a pant or pants… a scissor or scissors?

Most of us think of these words and, then say them out…

It is a total mess if you happen to put them wrong before people who matter.

Is it a pant or pants... a scissor or scissors? image

Pants, scissors – is right!

Here’s a quick trick to understand and use them as a language pro!

  • Pants tell you clearly that ‘it has two legs’.
  • So calling it a pant means you have a ‘one-legged trouser’??… Naah! It means something else altogether!

Like pants have two legs, scissors have two hands too. That makes the English rule simple enough.

  • Other words are trousers (same as pants), glasses, tongs, pliers, so on…

All are duos with two arms, where you don’t have to leave the ‘s’ in the end, never ever! They are specially designed in the plural form.

Readers may actively comment below with more words in this genre that you know or to clarify doubts.

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