IELTS Test 25 June 2020 Essay

IELTS Test 25 June 2020 Essay Question and Answer

The question below appeared for the writing part of the IELTS test on 25 June 2020. I have jotted down an IELTS essay to give you an understanding of what IELTS examiners expect from your answer. Your IELTS essay might be different from what you see below. So, try not to be worried or judgemental, take it as another band 8 essay for this IELTS test.

The below IELTS essay question on travelling starts with a claim that people are spending more time on travelling. Then, it divides the argument as being positive and negative. This question expects that you discuss both sides of the argument (positive and negative) and finally conclude with your own opinion.

Many people are spending more and more time travelling to work or school, some people believe that this is a negative development while others think there are some benefits.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

While writing your own answers, please keep in mind that you need to discuss both parts of the argument (+ and -). Hence, it would be wise to dedicate one paragraph each, to both. Write one paragraph for the positive sides and one paragraph for the negative sides.

However, you are also required to form an opinion. Eventually, you need to take a side. So, whichever opinion you choose (+ or -), make it stronger. Let’s say, you see more benefits with a longer travelling time then make sure that the paragraph discussing benefits is stronger or has more points discussed within it.

As you read through my IELTS Essay below, you would see that in body paragraph 1, I have pointed out the drawbacks of longer travelling. Later, in Body paragraph 2 I have discussed benefits and come stronger with my arguments. In fact, I overturned the earlier points discussed in body 1. Finally, I concluded by saying that I see more benefits in a longer commute.

So, before you write your essay, keep these things in mind. Ok, now read through the sample essay.

IELTS Test 25 June 2020 Essay Question

Many people are spending more and more time travelling to work or school, some people believe that this is a negative development while others think there are some benefits.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

IELTS Test 25 June 2020 Essay Answer

IELTS Essay on Travelling

Humans have migrated across continents for many aeons. Yet, today the time taken to travel from school or office has increased. While some say it is beneficial, others voice out differently. Nevertheless, as a wandering species, one might find more reasons with the increase in commuting time.

Certainly, there are unfavourable outcomes of longer transit. First, it induces fatigue. For example, statistically, it has been understood that employees living at a distance from their workplace are less energetic. Consequently, their productivity dwindles, and it hampers their career progression. Second, a longer journey is riskier. Especially, when one uses public transport such as busses or trains. There is a risk of being thrown into an accident or emergency. This, in itself, is a formidable reason for parents and loved ones to worry and refrain from the long travel. Thus, commuting does have a few drawbacks.

On the other hand, apart from the fatigue and the inherent risk, there are many benefits to this age-old activity. Moreover, being tired is a state of mind. Instead, such journeys make us more spirited. A perfect example of this is friends, travelling together. Back in our school days, racing to school with friends was a thrilling activity. Not to mention, the detours and adventures were nothing less than a Harry Potter novel. Another benefit is being able to see and absorb our surroundings. Be it on a cycle or a luxurious car, we all tend to look out and enjoy the scenery. Eventually, this soothes the mind and body. Hence, going beyond statistic, one would notice the many benefits of increased travelling time.

To conclude, I can discern a more positive outcome to an increase in the time taken for our voyages.

Vocabulary Used

  • Aeons – a very long period of time
  • Wandering – travelling
  • Reasons – used as a synonym for Benefits
  • Unfavourable – used for bad/adverse
  • Transit – used as a synonym for travelling
  • Fatigue – Tiredness
  • Statistically – a data obtained from a study
  • Dwindles – diminish gradually in size; become less
  • Hampers – slows the progress
  • Progression – growth
  • commuting – used as a synonym for travelling
  • Inherent – existing within permanently;  characteristic attribute
  • Spirited – full of energy
  • Detours – An alternate route
  • Absorb – to take in and understand
  • Scenery – the natural features of a landscape
  • Soothes – Gently calm
  • Discern – recognise
  • Voyages – a long journey, used as a synonym for travelling

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