IELTS Speaking Topics May to August 2021


  1. Are you a tidy person?
  2. Do you think being clean and tidy is important?
  3. What do you do to keep yourself tidy?
  4. Do you know any untidy people?
  5. How do you feel when you are with an untidy person?


  1. Do you usually gift others on special occasions?
  2. Do you like to receive gifts?
  3. What kind of gifts do you give to family members?
  4. Do you gift your friends on their achievements?
  5. Do you think gifts make a person feel special?


  1. Do you shop often?
  2. What do you prefer – online or offline shopping?
  3. Do you go shopping alone or with someone?
  4. What do you usually shop for?
  5. Are you able to make choices when you shop?
  6. Do you feel that expensive items are more qualitative?
  7. Do you shop for branded items always?


  1. Are you scared of insects?
  2. Do you think they are important for the environment?
  3. Do you find insects where you live?
  4. Do you think insects are dangerous?
  5. Why do you think people fear insects generally?


  1. Do you think age matters when you interact with people?
  2. Do you respect people younger than you in age?
  3. What is the best age for a person to learn to drive or ride?
  4. Are you happy at your age or do you wish to be younger?
  5. Do you feel growing older feels good?


  1. Do you often wear sunglasses?
  2. Do people in your hometown prefer to wear them?
  3. Where can you buy them?
  4. Do you prefer to buy them online?
  5. What are the benefits of wearing sunglasses?


  1. What kind of music do you prefer? Why?
  2. When do you spend time listening to music in a day?
  3. Are you fond of learning any musical instruments?
  4. Does music help you ease in any way?
  5. Have music trends changed much since your teenage?

Spending Time by yourself

  1. What do you like to do when you are alone?
  2. Do you wish to have more alone time?
  3. Do you think people are more creative when they are alone?
  4. Would you spend time with your friends or just stay at home on your own?

Comedy or Jokes

  1. Are comedy shows popular in your country?
  2. Why do people like to watch them?
  3. Do you like listening and telling jokes?
  4. Have you ever watched a live comedy show?
  5. What are some common topics that people like to joke about?

Borrowing and Lending

  1. Did you borrow any books from your friends in your childhood?
  2. Do you like to lend your phone when someone asks?
  3. Do you like to borrow money from others?
  4. Have you lent money to someone?
  5. Do you think it is okay to borrow or lend money to a family member?


  1. Did you learn to ride a bicycle when you were a child?
  2. Is it easy for you to ride a bicycle in your country?
  3. What do you think are the benefits of riding a bicycle for a child?
  4. Is it safe to ride bicycles on the roads?

Drinking water

  1. Do you think you drink enough water?
  2. How does it benefit you?
  3. Do you drink bottled water or water from machines?
  4. What type of water do you prefer to drink?

Saving money

  1. Are you a person who saves money?
  2. Do you think savings are important?
  3. How does that help you?
  4. Do you think parents should teach children to save money?
  5. Are savings done by children encouraged in your culture?


  1. Do you know to read maps?
  2. Do you use them commonly?
  3. Would you prefer a digital map or a paper map?
  4. Is it easier to ask a person for directions than following a map?
  5. Have you learnt how to read maps as a child in school?
  6. Is it more common to refer to maps nowadays than in the past?


  1. Do you easily get bored?
  2. What do you usually when you get bored?
  3. Do you think boredom comes if you are uninterested in tasks?
  4. Do you think challenges at work take the boredom away?
  5. Do you feel that youngsters are bored easily?

Foreign food

  1. Have you tried foreign cuisines?
  2. What kind of foreign dish have you eaten recently?
  3. Do you like to experiment with new flavours?
  4. What kind of foreign foods are popular in your country?
  5. Have you tried food from other regions near your country?


  1. Have you visited an island before?
  2. Do you wish to visit an island in the future?
  3. Do you want to live on an island?
  4. What would you do if you were living on an island?
  5. Do you have islands in your region or country?


  1. Do you know to drive? / Are to planning to learn to drive?
  2. Do you have a license to drive yet?
  3. Do you think it is difficult to drive a car?
  4. Where do you usually drive to in your free time?
  5. Do you think you are a safe driver?
  6. At what age are people allowed to drive a car in your country?
  7. What is the advantage of learning driving?
  8. Do you drive often?
  9. Do you want your children to learn to drive in the future?


  1. What kind of activities helps you to concentrate?
  2. Do you think having a routine helps you to concentrate better?
  3. Is it easy or difficult for you to concentrate?
  4. Do you do something to help you concentrate better?
  5. What affects your ability to concentrate?


  1. Do you spend time observing the sky?
  2. How do you feel looking at the night sky?
  3. Have you seen a beautiful observation in the sky?
  4. Is there a good place to look at the stars and the sky where you live?
  5. Do you like stargazing?
  6. Do you think children now are more informative about the cosmos – stars, sky, sun etc?

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