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In this blog, you will know our secret to score higher in IELTS. Simply put, we are going to help you achieve your desired score, be it 8777 or 6.5.



Before you start preparing for IELTS, it’s imperative(crucial) that you know about the test structure, marking scheme and basic strategies. As I always tell my students, IELTS is nowhere close to the English tests that you used to take in your school days. So, don’t take it easy. IELTS is a highly structured test and I have seen the best of Language students struggle to score a 6.5 or 7 on the test.

The blogs below talk about the Most Important Information one should know before the test. If you are new to the test or preparing for the first time then this is where you should start! That being said, some of you might already know much of the information shared here. If you already know about the Test Types, Test Format, Marking Scheme then you may skip this step.



Words define a language, and if your word count is limited then it’s quite clear that you would struggle with the language. IELTS values the proper use of vocabulary and collocation. The art of using lexical resources is a balancing game; too much of it makes it ambiguous, too little of it makes it boring. Below is a document that can help you with advanced vocabulary words and also aid you in remembering these words for a longer duration.

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Your next step is to READ. The more you read, the better you get. People who read have a wide Vocabulary, rarely make errors with Grammar and most of all, they know to write different sentence forms. In all, they score better in IELTS or PTE – Academic. So, go ahead and read as many sample answers and blogs as you can.

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Angels School Of Knowledge is a language school run by ex-IELTS examiners. We have been providing IELTS coaching in Edapally, since 2015. To begin with, our friendly trainers, Angel and Justus are one of a kind and totally dependable.

Angel and Justus are a happily married couple and have been settled in Kochi for the last 20 years. Both were born to Malayalee parents who settled in New – Delhi. While Angel continued her education at London South Bank University (London), Justus got a degree in Aviation and also secured graduation in English (Literature and its use in Commonwealth countries). Before starting their IELTS coaching centre in Kochi, they had worked with reputed firms such as T.I.M.E. education, Aakash Education, Miles Education, Sutherland Global Services, Hewlett Packard and Jet Airways.

With their extensive experience in the Education sector, they realised that language cannot be effectively taught in classrooms packed with students. Instead, individual coaching was the key to scoring a Band 7 or higher in IELTS.  Thus, began Angels School Of Knowledge, an English language school where they handhold you throughout your coaching and focus on giving you the Best IELTS coaching ever. Since 2015, they have been imparting the best IELTS coaching in Kochi, Kerala.

Today, people around the globe know us for our customized IELTS coaching and individual IELTS training. Something, that reflects in most of our 5-star IELTS reviews. This is true as many of our students have scored a band 9 in IELTS, or a full score of 90 in the PTE – Academic test. Don’t believe us, see for yourself –  check our IELTS and PTE Results and our Student Reviews which stands true to our claim of being the top IELTS coaching centre in Kerala.

That’s not all, we also provide online IELTS coaching in India (not a recorded session but a live session with our IELTS coach). For personalized training, you may visit our IELTS coaching centre in Kochi, Kerala. In addition, we constantly share IELTS learning materials on our social media platforms and through our YouTube channel. You can learn more about our trainers, Angel and Justus here.

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