Grammar and Vocabulary for IELTS

In this section, you will find short lessons on different elements of grammar and vocabulary. We have also taken it a step ahead and modified the courses in accordance with the requirements of the IELTS and PTE-academic tests. Check out our free Grammar for IELTS blog.

how to use that and which

How to use – That and Which

Exercise: Who,That,Which
He is the man ___________ wants to marry my sister. The only thing __________ matters is your exam.The boy ___________ bought my car is very rich.

advanced vocabulary for ielts pdf

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS pdf

Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS pdf – This is a picture book of 101 advanced words with their meanings, and it also includes a relevant sentence. Free Download !

Speaking inspired through Imagery

Speaking inspired through Imagery

The blog tells you how to inspire your speaking skills relating to images that you see around yourself, purely written by my experience of teaching students.

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