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We offer LIVE IELTS online classes in India and individual IELTS coaching in Kochi. Our trainers are Cambridge Trained agents and also TESOL Canada Certified English language trainers.


We know, it’s difficult to learn a new language after a certain age, let alone master it!

Justus Joseph

The mind needs to learn and understand the nuances of grammar and punctuation. It must flexibly adapt itself to a plethora of new words, and not just that, it needs to make sense too. Now, this is not an achievable task while being a part of a group, rather a trainer needs to work with a student on an individual level.
This means we don’t teach you in batches, rather we train you one-on-one. This lets us understand improvement areas in your Language and effectively resolve them, resulting in a sumptuous training, beneficial to an IELTS, PTE – Academic test taker.

But, it is possible to learn English and master it, all you need is good trainers, commitment and a spirit that never gives up.

Justus Joseph

Furthermore, the importance of personality development and leaning the global culture has taken centre stage with the current deluge of technological advancements. Our training takes great interest in sharing motivational talks and videos. With us, you learn not just English but the skills to grow and make your mark, anywhere on the globe.

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Our Courses

IELTS coaching in Kochi
IELTS Writing coaching in Kochi
ielts online classes in india
IELTS online classes in India
Spoken English
PTE-Academic coaching in Kochi
PTE online classes in India
PTE-Academic online classes in India

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About us (in short)

Angels School of Knowledge – No other coaching, just IELTS training! We are a language school located in Kochi, Kerala, and our entire focus is on IELTS training. Being focused on IELTS makes us the best IELTS Coaching centre in Kochi. Around 80% of our students score a band 7 or higher in IELTS. We are known to provide the most desirable IELTS classes in Kochi, both online and offline. Our personalised IELTS training would let you score higher in the IELTS test and make you cross the dreaded band 7 in IELTS. If you are looking for an 8777 in IELTS General or a 6.5 in IELTS Academic, then we are your best bet!


Angel - an IELTS trainer in Kochi
Angel Joseph

Two words that describe Angel are – people’s person and kind-hearted. As the co-founder and head Speaking coach at Asklearning, she backs up her sessions with tricks to help you speak your mind. Being a mom, an entrepreneur and an orator, she teaches her students to overcome naysayers always. Her sessions are lively and fun-filled, and her feedbacks are witty. You may contact Angel on her Official email id.

Justus - IELTS writing expert
Justus Joseph

Justus has talents that excite wonder and admiration. Founder of Ask Learning, he is a wiz-kid who later found his passion in writing. As a calm and diligent individual, most students find a guiding light under his leadership. He teaches crafty structures in IELTS writing and gives a complete hand holding in it. He pulls off amazing methods to cope with grammar troubles students usually have. You may contact Justus on his Official email id.

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