Cambridge 13 Test 3 Writing Task 2

Cambridge 13 Test 3 Writing Task 2

This blog will answer an IELTS essay question from Cambridge 13 Test 3 Writing Task 2. The Essay response is aimed at an IELTS band 8 and is short of 300 words. You will find the IELTS Essay Structure, Essay Question, Understanding of the question and a Sample IELTS Essay below.

Cambridge 13 test 3 task 2

Essay Question

Some people say that History is one of the most important school subjects. Other people think that, in today’s world, subjects like Science and Technology are more important than History.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion?

Understanding the Question

The question is about the most important school subject. Further, it gives two options – History and ‘Science and Technology’. You have to discuss both subjects ( History and ‘Science and technology’) and finally present your viewpoint (opinion). Hence, it would be better to write one body paragraph on History and another on ‘Science and Technology’.

IELTS Essay Structure

The sample IELTS essay below follows the Argumentative Essay structure. Almost all of the IELTS essay questions require you to write an argumentative essay. Thus, in the essay below, each paragraph is separated into core elements of an argumentative essay. For example, the Introduction paragraph includes two elements – Paraphrase and the Thesis statement. This is done so that you learn the IELTS essay structure and replicate it on your essays. If you want to know more about the IELTS Essay Structure then go ahead and read this blog.

Sample IELTS Essay

Introduction Paragraph

Paraphrase – It is often debated that certain subjects are more important than others. Nowadays, people argue that subjects such as science and technology are more important than History.

Thesis – Even though we live around many electronic devices, learning about distant cultures is key in the development of a global citizen.

Body 1 Paragraph

Topic Sentence – There is no doubt that scientific study has helped students keep pace with myriad innovations.

Argument 1 – Primarily, the study of technology has become imperative in every community.

Explanation 1 – From a primary-school to a high-school student, all need to be proficient with such disciplines. Mainly, this is because of the widespread use of computers and the internet.

Argument 2 – Recently, the study of Biology and applied science has helped us endure and outlive the deadliest of plagues and viruses.

Explanation 2 – The fatal Corona Virus has been wreaking havoc around the world. Even then, trained medical professionals and equipment have helped our species to overcome this pandemic.

Close – Thus, the study of sciences will always be a fundamental part of school education.

Body 2 Paragraph

Topic Sentence – A different perspective would swiftly undermine the importance of science and technology, moreover, it would highlight the pivotal role of History in the development of a learner.

Argument 1 – When young scholars learn about the past, they tend to exhibit a profound sense of belongingness.

Explanation 1 – For instance, secondary school students are usually taught about the French revolution and other freedom struggles. Ideologies on which the modern society thrives, such as democracy and liberty, were set in motion during such revolts.

Argument 2 – Moreover, the knowledge of our past protects us from making the same mistakes, again and again.

Explanation 2 – The last century had witnessed many genocides and arrogant decisions from leaders and supporters, alike. A great deal of which had brought human civilization to the brink of extinction.

Close – Thus, the study of history gives pupils an insight into one’s strength of character, and otherwise.

Conclusion Paragraph

While science would lead us into the future, History would remind us of our humble origin. In my opinion, both subjects are crucial for all-round literacy.

P.S. – Knowing the structure of an essay is not enough!

You need to be able to use different grammatical styles, have an apt vocabulary, learn to build coherence and use natural linking between sentences. Let me stop here, the list is exhaustive.

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